Victor Fung

Dr. Victor Fung is an award-winning cultural enabler and dance artist with extensive experience in curation, choreography, research, education, coaching and performance. He is passionate about creating high-quality dance experiences and bringing positive change through the arts as demonstrated through a celebrated international portfolio. He specialises in transnational collaborative projects in bringing together talents of diverse backgrounds through international exchange. Victor is active member of the local and international arts and cultural sector who believes in the power of the arts in empowering voices and bringing inspiration to people of all backgrounds. He is currently Artistic Director and Joint CEO of Pavilion Dance South West and Artistic Director of Victor Fung Dance.

How the Fellowship impacted me

Clore Fellowship for me was a journey of self discovery and learning. The experience allowed me to find clarity in my vision and the positive change I would like to bring through my work.

How I am using my skills for change

Be kind. Be authentic. Be proud.