Anthony Missen

Anthony Missen is a Clore Fellow, a Without Walls Board Director, and a member of the Greater Manchester Culture Steering Group. He is a founding member of New Movement Collective and co-founder of Company Chameleon.

Anthony has worked with companies including Scottish Dance Theatre, Mad Dogs Dance Theatre, Cie. Willi Dorner (Vienna), and choreographers including Rui Horta, Didi Veldman and Liv Lorent.

Movement Direction includes Playhouse Creatures and Romeo and Juliet for Dundee Rep Theatre, Oresteia at HOME Manchester, and Terra-Earth for National Theatre connections.

Anthony has taught in most major British contemporary dance institutions, to several professional dance companies and in countries including South Africa, Ethiopia, Israel, Trinidad, Morocco,and throughout Europe. He has led many Choreographic and skills-based Residencies.

He has worked as a facilitator for The National Theatre for their Theatre Nation Partnerships programme.

He co-founded Company Chameleon in 2007, producing and choreographing critically acclaimed works both for stage and outdoor contexts that tour extensively nationally and internationally.
He has developed many successful participatory programmes in different countries, with a particular focus on young men, disadvantaged children and children at risk.
Anthony has made touring works for La Mov (Spain), Norrdans (Sweden) and most recently Ballett-Theater Chemnitz (Germany)."

How the Fellowship impacted me

Clore helped me to unpick what drives me, my values, and why i've done all I have. It helped me to see how my work fits into a broader context, and has given me both the skills and the confidence to be part of discussions to influence future development of my sector. On a personal level it has provided tools and mechanisms for helping me better manage difficult situations and relationships, helped me refine the language I use, and take ownership of my unique perspective as something valuable. It has been utterly transformational.

How I am using my skills for change

Since Clore I have become a Board Director (Without Walls Consortium) and been appointed to The Greater Manchester Steering Group for culture and heritage, the job of which is in part to oversee the development of the new cultural strategy, and consult on prioritisation and support for Strategic activity.
I've been faciliating meetings for The National Theatre on a national 3 year strategic programme in which I can challenge and stimulate new ideas and thinking.
I have taken more of a coaching approach in my own organisation, and use of lot of techniques I gathered through training in conversations and planning meetings with my staff.
I am very pro-active in making sure I am around the table to contribute my ideas and thinking to dance development regionally, and am joining a lot of dots from my experience working nationally and internationally here.
I also make sure I contribute my voice to the national picture.
I wholeheartedly see that the investment made for me to complete the Clore fellowship wasn't just an investment for me, but for all those I engage with. I take every oppourtunity I can to share the invaluable insights, tools, techniques and frameworks whilst at work, with people at all stages in their career, including in my work with children and young people. I am a mentor to several young, emerging and professional artists, both on an informal and formal basis.