Nasheed Qamar Faruqi

I’m an independent filmmaker working in documentary and fiction. Most recently, I made “David Hawkins: A Battle of the Mind” for Daniel Pick’s Hidden Persuaders Group at Birkbeck (nominated for AHRC Research Film of the Year). I am developing my first feature, “People Are Strange” with Creative England’s iFeatures.

I have a sideline in teaching and cultural policy. I was educated at Wadham College Oxford; Queen Mary, London, and Columbia University in New York. I speak Urdu, French, Italian and Spanish.

How the Fellowship impacted me

Clore changed everything about my practice. It helped me find the confidence and clarity to do the work I’ve always dreamt of making. Moreover I hope it’s also helping me do this with greater skill and in keeping with my core values.

How I am using my skills for change

It’s a work in process and I hope I