Anwar Akhtar

Anwar was in 2014 / 15 the producer of the play Dara working with Ajoka Theatre Pakistan and National Theatre UK. The first South Asian history play at the UK’s National Theatre, “Dara” was seen by more than 30,000 people in 2015. “Dara” tells the story of Mughal India, raising questions about religious freedom, tolerance and clerical power that still resonate today. Anwar led the Royal Society of Arts’ Pakistan Calling project, , produced more than 60 films looking at education, equality, culture, religion, women’s and minority rights. He was previously project director of the Rich Mix Cultural Foundation, where he led the capital and business development of a new £30 million arts centre in East London.

Anwar spent 10 years working as a DJ and club promoter in Sheffield, setting up The Republic Club, in Sheffield. He presented the Radio 4 Documentary on schools, inclusion and diversity “Schools Apart” and in August 22 co- produced with Ajoka Theatre a peace concert in Lahore Pakistan, on the 75th anniversary of partition of India. You can see reviews of the concert and a film here -