Clore Leadership Programme
Clore Leadership Programme

Dive in and immerse yourself in the learning, by Toby Smith

Toby Smith is Director of Salisbury Festival and attended a Short Course in 2007

Toby Smith
Toby Smith

The May 2007 fortnight I spent in Northumberland, immersed in the Clore Short Course, proved to be the most significant moment in my development to date as an arts leader.

The course gave me the freedom to better understand myself, so to better understand those around me, helping me to work out why and how I best work, and how this relates to the colleagues, teams, collaborators, stakeholders and contacts with whom I work. It gave me a set of analytical skills that I’ve not since stopped using, as well as the confidence to trust my convictions in planning my next job move.

The class of Morpeth 2007 were a brilliant crowd and beyond the immediate support network you inherit beyond the final session, a few of us met up regularly for a number of years as an Action Learning Set, which I found to be as invaluable as the course itself.

And the Clore network is a great door-opener too.  A couple of years ago I got the contacts of a fellow Short Courser who, in turn, opened for me the door to a collaboration which would otherwise likely not have happened. 

The Short Course is a tremendous fortnight, and I say dive in.


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