Clore Leadership Programme
Clore Leadership Programme

Chevening Scholar Jing Zhu looking back on her Fellowship

Deputy General Manager, Beijing Poly Forbidden City Theatre Management Co. Ltd., Managing Director of Beijing Forbidden City Concert Hall and Programming Director of Wuhan Qintai Concert Hall. 

Judith Zhu
Judith Zhu

I keep thinking that there must be something magic about the Clore Leadership Programme. At some after-hours during the second Bore Place session, my "fellow fellows" could not help wondering, "What is so magical about Clore?" For me, Clore set me on a journey of re-discovering myself in connection to the world. Before Clore, I had imagined that it would have everything about an exceptional leadership-training programme (which it certainly does!), but I never expected that it would begin a soul-searching experience by asking the fundamental question of "who are you" and "what do you want to be". No one could provide a ready answer, but Clore managed to encourage, inspire and drive me on a bitter-sweet, unending journey of exploring my inner strength and constantly challenging myself, with a rich combination of refined ingredients, for example, formal day sessions and intimate night sessions by high-profile cultural leaders at the residential courses, custom-made placement and mentorship, and incredibly warm, sincere sharing atmosphere among fellows. 

Jing is a 2011/12 Chevening Scholar supported by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. 


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