Clore Leadership Programme
Clore Leadership Programme

Clare Lilley on the Short Course legacy

Clare Lilley
Clare Lilley

The sum of the Clore Short Course parts made a profound difference to me, both personally and professionally. The Course was extremely well structured, highly intense and very hard work; at times I felt exposed but with such a degree of support that at no time did I feel vulnerable, floundering or alone.

Almost immediately following the Course I was asked to mediate a conference at the China Museum in Beijing. The pre-Clore me would have said no; the post-Clore me not only said yes but actually relished the process. As though a dumb weight had lifted.

That ability to step out of the shadows and into a more public life is one I entirely associate with Clore, and because of it my life and work have opened up hugely, enabling me to move from Manager to Director, and to accept positions and challenges that simply wouldn’t otherwise have come my way.

I still hook up with two co-Clorettes – we interrogate one another on work and personal issues in a way that is unusual, useful, funny and fantastically enriching – and so the Clore legacy continues.


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