Clore Leadership Programme
Clore Leadership Programme

Three years on from my Short Course by Ioannis Ioannou

Ioannis Ioannou attended at Short Course three years ago.  He writes on the impact it has made.

Ioannis Ioannou
Ioannis Ioannou

It’s been almost three years now since I attended the Clore Short Course and I always look back at it nostalgically and contemplate the way it transformed my perception of myself as an arts professional, the inspiring people I met and have become friends with, and the boost it gave me to move forward.

From a purely visual arts background, I now lead a marketing and engagement team within the Creative Foundation, an arts charity that oversees a number of diverse and exciting projects that includes performing arts, festivals and uses creativity and the arts as a regenerative force in Folkestone. The course gave me the opportunity to delve into myself, question and explore my potential and finally discover the type of leader I am.

At points it was an intense, soul searching exercise that you shared with other amazing arts professionals that liberated my thinking and every anxiety I had within me. I realised that I was not the only one that had doubts about myself as a leader and that enabled me to channel my attention to my strengths and build on them.


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