Clore Leadership Programme
Clore Leadership Programme

What I took from the Short Course by Indhu Rubasingham

Indhu Rubasingham
Indhu Rubasingham

I took part in the Clore Short course 5 months before I took up the post of Artistic Director of the Tricycle Theatre. Taking this job was a completely daunting prospect for me, coupled with the fact that it was an organisation that had not undergone change in leadership for a very long time. I felt ill equipped, apprehensive and intimidated. How could I even begin to attempt to do this? 

Participating on the course began to liberate me and removed some of the shackles of fear that were strangling me. It gave me tools and  ideas on how to support myself and also where to go to ask for help. It gave me a safe place to express and talk about my fears and pick the brains of not only the tutors but also  my fellow participants, who all came from the cultural sector and had  vast experience themselves. It gave me time to explore my own skill set and where I needed to gain in other areas. It gave me confidence to go in and start change and how to do this effectively and with impact. It gave me headspace to creatively think and to still my anxious brain. 

However,  most importantly, the course showed me that leadership comes in different forms and there is not one way. Leadership is about authenticity and being the best of yourself. It allowed me to start an important journey on the right foot. I did not try to be someone else but to be the best that I could be.


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