Clore Leadership Programme
Clore Leadership Programme

Emma Ridgway, Creative Learning Curator, reflects on her Short Course

Emma Ridgway is Creative Learning Curator at The Barbican and attended a Short Course in September 2013

Emma Ridgway
Emma Ridgway

The Clore Leadership Short Course is a treasure trove of knowledge, significant insights and inspiring people. Everyone on the course is invited to take as much from it as they want.

I threw myself into it. My resulting hoard of resources will keep me going for years. The wealth of leadership resources on offer is incredibly rich, ranging from practical skills (finance, strategy, governance) to personal development (coaching, resilience and self-knowledge).

The short course is programmed intelligently so it is almost like a Masters degree compressed into two weeks. It’s packed with value. Learning with a group of peers over the fortnight was a pleasure: country walks, talks and debate. The responsibility for getting the most out of the two weeks clearly sat with us. Active learning, I learnt during the course, is a leadership skill.

The abundance of the Clore Leadership treasure trove means that the more people take from it the more it increases in value. I believe that if all leaders in the arts sector did this course it could become culturally the wealthiest and healthiest professional sector in the UK. 


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