Clore Leadership Programme
Clore Leadership Programme

What the Short Course meant to Artistic Director Mark Babych

Mark Babych is Artistic Director of Hull Truck Theatre and he attended the Short Course in 2012.

Mark Babych
Mark Babych

Finding the courage and authenticity of your own voice as a leader can be a thrilling and terrifying journey; there are many moments along the leadership path that give you momentous highs and there are others which take you into difficult and challenging areas that stretch and  test you like nothing else can. As the sector moves into ever more challenging waters, those of us entrusted with leading cultural organisations are having to rise to the challenge of how to create work that is meaningful, creative, connected, imaginative, engaging and reflective of a modern Britain that is also sustainable for future generations to enjoy.

The Clore Leadership Short Course I attended has helped me to deal with the challenges ahead. It has enabled me to be more strategic and imaginative;  given me the courage to think differently when overcoming obstacles; find where my authentic voice lies and what I am naturally drawn to;  helped me recognise and value my strengths, weaknesses, and passions  - which in turn has enabled me to shape the beginnings of a new artistic future for the organisation I currently lead. It has given me a network of lifelong colleagues and friends who are always there to support me when I need them.


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