Clore Leadership Programme
Clore Leadership Programme

Artist Katie Green reflects on her Short Course experience

Katie Green is a contemporary dance choreographer, performer, teacher and director of her own company, Made By Katie Green.

Katie Green
Katie Green


I participated in the Clore Short Course in November 2012. It was an extraordinary experience, during which I felt simultaneously challenged and exhilarated. I left the course feeling very refreshed, and although it was initially difficult to sustain this as I re-entered the ‘real world’ and began tackling my neglected inbox, I now feel more able to take stock of the impact the course had on my practice as an artist and as a leader.

In practical terms, the Short Course inspired me to undertake several key things I had been putting off, including formally registering my company and establishing a Patron Scheme. As well as giving me courage to begin taking steps to grow my company, it also impacted on my practice more generally, primarily by giving me time to step outside my hectic day-to-day life, build up my resources, confirm why and how I choose to go about doing things and to think particularly about how I communicate with other people. Group discussions, workshops and one-on-one coaching prepared me for new, more ambitious challenges, including my current ‘Dancing in Museums project’ ( Most significantly, the Short Course developed my capacity for resilience through skills- and confidence-building, and I have certainly needed to draw on this several times over the past year.

Although I still have a lot to learn, I continue to be deeply invested in doing what I do to the best of my ability, inspired by my Clore experience and by the good friends I made during that time.


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