Your Emerging Leaders Course Application

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Deadline for applications: Noon Thursday 15 June 2023

Please read the following information carefully. 

  • Please ensure you have read all our eligibility criteria carefully before starting your application.
  • As part of your application you are required to provide a Nominator. Your Nominator needs to provide information on your behalf as part of the application. This process can take time so we recommend you start your application by completing the ‘Your Nominator’ section first. You must get permission from your Nominator to name them in your application. 
  • Please be aware that you will not be able to submit your application until your nominator has submitted their nomination on your behalf.
  • You can save a draft copy for any section using the 'Save draft' button at the bottom of the page. When you are sure that you have finished working on any section you can use the 'Submit this section' button. You will then not be able to edit that section.
  • Once all the sections are completed below, it will then show as ‘Submitted’ on the Application Dashboard.

Good luck with your application.