Clore Leadership Programme
Clore Leadership Programme

Breaking boundaries: How a partnership between the BBC and Clore has already changed my life

BBC Producer and award-winning journalist Dhruti Shah reflects on her Emerging Leaders experience and the partnership between the BBC and the Clore Leadership Programme

Dhruti Shah
Dhruti Shah

I never thought when I applied for a place on the BBC’s new emerging leadership scheme that just within a few months, my outlook on life would be transformed. That’s primarily because this scheme was different from anything else the BBC had offered to people like me – with a desire to lead, experience to back this up, but still in need of a little boost. It also offered a carrot in the shape of a potential place on the prestigious Clore residential Emerging Leaders Course.

I’m so grateful that I was selected for the place. I spent a week in Leamington Spa with people who pushed me beyond all my boundaries, who made think about who I was and what I could offer to the world. It’s not just a course focussing on your professional persona but one making you think about your values, your life experiences and how to become the best person you can.

It wasn’t the easiest of experiences but it’s not supposed to be. You will be challenged and made to examine everything around you. But you get time to reflect – and in this fast-paced world – that is a real rarity and something to appreciate. I learned about different styles of leadership, about the cultural field and was exposed to some brilliant minds – the speakers, the facilitators and my peers. A few days away and I ended up reassessing everything. I now also have a wonderful group of supportive friends who work across the cultural sector. That’s always a bonus.

As soon as I returned, I started making changes in the way I that I operated. Some were subtle while others far more noticeable. The course helped me believe in myself. This meant that the overall effect meant that I was of far more use to not only the business, but also myself.

The other great thing about this partnership between Clore and the BBC means that I’ve now been able to also meet with others in the BBC working in different teams and across different parts of the business who are also just as passionate about making changes across the BBC in a way the corporation has never done before. The recent joint BBC Academy event with Clore allowed me to collaborate with people with a variety of experience and think carefully about the BBC’s future and my own desires and values. That can only be a good thing.


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