Marsha Ramroop

Founder, Director

Marsha Ramroop is a Clore Short Course participant from February 2018.
Marsha says she’s utterly committed to trying to address the inequalities in our society and believes Inclusion is key in trying to do that.
She is one of the few independently certified practitioners and facilitators of Cultural Intelligence (CQ) in the UK; and one of the first 300 in the world. She has been working directly in community engagement for 15 years within the media. She has actively sought out our marginalised communities to work with them and been successful at opening wider the doors of her organisations. She has developed Inclusive training programmes and mentored people to help enter institutions they felt were closed off to them.
She has been driven to work in consultancy as she feels the need for social change is so great, she should share her understanding with a wider group, so we can all be more inclusive.
She volunteers as a Trustee of an arts organisation in Derby, QUAD, where she lives, and is helping it with outreach and community engagement.
Marsha is a broadcast journalist by training and has worked for the BBC across more than 20 years, in news and programmes, radio and TV, locally, nationally and internationally.
Marsha is a Life Fellow of the RSA.