David Bryan


Working with senior management teams and boards in the public sector and voluntary sector for more than 30 years I am passionate about enabling people to fulfil their potential and contribute to their organisations and therefore civic society. I am a champion of everyday creativity and the importance of the arts as evident through my Non Executive commitments.

As an independent consultant my work focuses on leadership training with the most senior members of staff across sectors. Acting as a coach, trainer or facilitator I have a track record of success in empowering people to be resilient, and encouraging them to be bold in order to build robust and successful leadership teams.

In particular I have supported a number of senior leaders in seeking long-term solutions to addressing equality and diversity in their management teams and wider organisation.

Currently, I chair three arts organisations - Battersea Arts Centre, Brixton House and Voluntary Arts. Outside of the arts, I’m a trustee of Dunraven School.