Ruth Cook

Ruth Cook is the Founding Director of Action Learning Associates, the leading UK provider of small group work for structured reflection in order to create new learning, leading to new solutions and different action. Action Learning Associates has trained more than 1400 action learning facilitators including many hundreds in the cultural sector.
Ruth and the company’s associates work across all sectors, at all levels. She particularly values time spent working in the cultural and campaigning sectors where people strive to improve our world, change minds and offer alternative vistas of how we might live and think differently.
Ruth works with Boards, senior teams and aspiring and emergent leaders. She previously worked as a community worker, then headed up a London women’s equality unit and a large London housing benefit department before discovering action learning and its quieter power.
Action Learning Associates works internationally and in the UK, using Zoom for many years before it was necessary for us all, and offers pro bono support to individuals and organisations working on the climate emergency.