Dick Robertson

Dick is a Director and joint-owner of Robertson Watson, an international consultancy that brings new perspectives and ideas to leadership development, team development and coaching. Robertson Watson has a particular focus on people and organisations in the cultural sector but also continues to work with leaders and managers in the corporate world. Previously, Dick was a director of Ideas Unlimited (and is still a main shareholder). He has over 25 years of experience in leadership and management development, team development and large and small-scale change programmes. He has a balance of experience in the public and private sectors. From 2005 to 2016, in addition to his corporate work, he was involved with Tipping Point (a charitable trust) that brought artists and scientists together on the subject of Climate Change and he single-handedly facilitated all of the Tipping Point events – using a technique known as Open Space. He has also worked with the British Council in Germany (bringing artists and scientists together on the subject of Creativity) and with the Environmental Change Institute at Oxford University. He has facilitated events for the Arts Council London, Julie’s Bicycle (a charity working in the music industry), Derby Playhouse, Free Word and Dartington Trust. Dick has a deep knowledge of leadership and organisation development and has consulted and facilitated at all organisational levels up to boardroom. He has worked with many senior leadership teams, over the years, to enable them to fully appreciate the impact their leadership can have on the culture and strategy of the organisation.

He set up Dick Robertson Associates Ltd at the beginning of 2012 to enable him to concentrate on his work in the cultural sector and was very pleased to announce the establishment, in 2016, of Robertson-Watson which he formed in partnership with his long-term colleague, Tim Newall-Watson. Dick and Tim have worked very closely, over the last 16 years, on a very wide range of projects in both the cultural and corporate sectors and Robertson Watson presents a great opportunity to combine their skills and experience on a full-time basis.

Dick was born in the North East of England and then started a steady journey southwards....he went to school in Derbyshire, to University in Southampton (where he studied Philosophy and Sociology) and now lives with his wife, Kath, in south west France. Kath is an ex-head-teacher who is now an accomplished cook and runs a small holiday rental business. His daughter, Sara, is a Textile Designer and course leader of the MA in textiles/smart materials at the Royal College of Art and his son, David, is a renowned DJ, music producer and composer, based in Portsmouth.

Dick is a keen guitarist and singer-songwriter. He has played small informal gigs over the years and continues to work on improving his performing skills and writing new songs. When he’s not playing the guitar he’s probably playing tennis. The rest of the time is spent making repairs and improvements to his old farmhouse in France.