Keith Arrowsmith

Governance Associate

In 2014, Keith Arrowsmith decided to leave the mainstream. Instead of working with other lawyers, he became one of the senior partners at Counterculture Partnership LLP, a unique multi-disciplinary firm, providing practical strategic, finance, and legal services.

Keith's training as a solicitor, and his experience in providing advice to arts, media and heritage sector clients is the basis for his work. He enjoys bringing his specialist and technical knowledge to projects in a way that is practical, cost effective and understandable.

His legal work includes company and charity regulatory issues, contracts and licensing, intellectual property issues and governance advice.

He is a board member for CC Skills and the Children's Media Conference. For fun, he is a theatre producer with Kitchen Sink Live.

Keith (reluctantly) recently appeared on Channel 4’s The Bank of Dave, and wrote the Methuen Amateur Theatre Handbook.